Monday, December 5, 2011


The other day Elze and I did some exploring and ended up at the Christmas market. Can you believe it's already December 5th? The weather here has been warmer than I was expecting and something about not being home with my friends or family has held me back from getting into my usual out-of-control Christmas spirit. But Elze surmised that a little Christmas marketing would help clear that up, and though I was skeptical, I came around despite myself. It was just so darn jolly!

The Christmas market is almost in the center of Paris. It stretches from the Champs Elysees to Place d'Concord, and so when standing in the market you can look to one side and see the Arc de Triomphe lit up in all it's glory, or the big and beautiful ferris wheel illuminated and beautiful. The market is made up of a lot of little faux cottages decorated to the nines and giving one an old timey, Christmases past, feeling. This sight alone started to bubble up feelings of Santa Spirit in me. Then we really dove in.

Though Elze and I are both on tight budgets it was still wonderful to walk around and look at all the booths. A lot of them are very much the same but it's so cheerful and fun I didn't mind it at all. But we stopped dead in our tracks at the line waiting for churros. Who doesn't like fried dough? And this line was a good sign. Plus it smelled absolutely heavenly. The booth was selling beignets, waffles and cotton candy as well but everyone felt as we did, we all wanted some churros. Now this isn't the churro that we American's are used to. We usually just get one long cinnamon sugar one to ourselves. But this was a large paper cone filled to the max with sugar coated, freshly fried, straws of yumminess. The woman even felt the pile of churros to make sure they were still nice and hot and when they weren't she had us wait a few minutes for the next batch. Now that is what I'm talkin' about!

Elze and I were both a bit aghast at how gigantic this serving of churros was. Enough to feed a family of five, I pitied anyone who wanted a churro just for themselves. They either had to suck it up and pass on the cellulite inducing tubes or walk around like a fat kid with five pounds of fried batter in their hand. Though they were hot and delicious, Elze and I were unable to eat all of them. And besides, there was plenty of other fair food to tempt us, I didn't want to just fill up on churros, as alluring as it was.

Elze insisted that we also get some Vin Chaud, or Gluwein, as well. I've never had vin chaud and so was a bit skeptical. For some reason I thought it would remind me of hot sake which I find deplorable. But Elze can be quite persuasive and so we both both a cup. And let me tell you, it was delicious! Like hot apple cider for adults it was the perfect thing to warm me up. Sure it may not be snowing and freezing like the winter's I've endured in Colorado, but I had idiotically dressed for a warm fall evening instead of a brisk winter's night. So the hot, spiced wine was more than welcome in both my hands and my tummy.

After passing a few stands selling sausages from gigantic, round, barbecues, I knew that was what I wanted to gorge on next. But we walked around a little bit longer, taking in the sights, before forcing any more vitals into our already full bellies. There were tons of wooden ornaments and nesting dolls, weird little toys that lit up and nativity scenes, as well as places that had piles and piles of delicious looking cheeses for sale, dried fruits, candies, and charcuterie. Once enough space had cleared in our stomachs we brought on yet another wave of lipids and bought ourselves some sausages. I went for the white sausage since it was long and skinny and I've always been a fan of bratwurst. Elze, went for the red. Both of them were absolutely mind-blowing. My bratwurst was perhaps the best brat I've ever had. Juicy and flavorful I ate the entire thing though my stomach was begging me not to. And the spicy mustard and raw onions they had as condiments were the perfect accompaniment. Elze's red sausage was like the most incredible hot dog ever to exist with burstings of sweet pork flavors and hints of spicy pepper.

We left the market full and happy, like Santa after a night of present dropping and cookie eating. And I must say I am most certainly in the Christmas spirit. I look forward to returning with my mom and cousins and indulging in even more goodies. There were plenty of other delicious dishes beckoning for me to try them and I look forward to giving in to their wishes. Now all I have to do is find some poor orphaned Christmas tree to take home and make my own and Christmas will be in full swing!


  1. Grant will need one of the brats when he gets there!

  2. Yes he will! Sadly the Christmas market will be closed. But we're going to Germany so I'm sure he'll get some.