Friday, November 25, 2011


Poor little me. I have to return to Paris of all places and explore! What do people think I am? Am I not human? Do I not breathe, sleep, bleed? How dare this happen to me! 

Honestly though, why does it sort of feel that way? Two weeks in Denver and I'm ready to pack up all my adventures and return to a life I found boring less than a year ago. I think there is a saying about grass and sides that applies to this…

It doesn't help that my boyfriend and I had an absolutely phenomenal time together. I don't know if you picked up on my oh-so-subtle hints at the precarious stage of our relationship but when I left things weren't exactly bells and kisses. The truth was that I had crushed his heart because I wasn't happy with our four years of love and respect and needed to go somewhere else, preferably France, where I would get neither of those things. 

Somewhere along my journey I was slapped in the face and realized that not only did I need him I wanted him. Funny how that happens. So after months and months of long distance emails and chats I was primed and ready to seize the opportunity to surprise him for his bday. And as I said, it went swimmingly. 

In fact, it went better than swimmingly. We were absolutely giddy to be around each other. Sure we hadn't seen each other for months and so all of the day to day bullshit that drives you crazy about someone wasn't there. But even more than that our relationship had changed. With all the time we shared apart we had taken the opportunity to be honest with each other and shockingly that was a good thing! For a communication major it took me a while to figure out how important open communication is for a relationship. Especially if you want it to last. So how can you expect me to be thrilled to leave my love when I've just unlocked the key to a happy relationship? But, alas, eating pastries is a dirty job and someone has to do it. If that task falls on me, I guess I have no other choice but to shoulder the responsibility. 

Really though, everyone needs adventure. And I keep telling myself that. Plus how can anyone pity me? Poor me, I have to go eat pastries in Paris with my only job being not to get so fat I have to buy a second seat on the plane back home for my final return. So while I may be missing home I'm going to remind myself that, one day, I will miss it here, too. So carpe diem! Let's go eat! 

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