Monday, November 28, 2011


My jet lag has finally passed and I am ready to begin my missions! Quite exciting. My sister gave me the genius idea of having a "cheese of the week" and so Tuesday's will now be "Cheese Tuesdays." Frankly, I feel that all people should adopt this into their weekly schedule because while cheese may not always be the easiest on the digestive tract or waste line it's just so darn good! There's a reason why we Americans love melting it on top of practically everything and why the French have hundreds of national cheeses. It's just, well, delicious.

So this week my mission was actually given to me by Elze. Apparently she was able to sneak some millefeuille home from her work and so today I'm going over there for a taste and will then spend the rest of my week exploring this beautiful city, eating layer upon layer of flaky, vanilla cream goodness! Come check out my Friday posting to see what I have to say about this delicious dessert and who makes the best version of it.

The last few days here have been a bit gloomy but I've always loved a good overcast day and it not only made me feel better about sleeping in til sunset, but it also makes me realize that come this Thursday, it'll be December. Christmas is almost upon us and while I am not feeling as festive as usual, I am planning on doing some christmas tree shopping in hopes of jumpstarting my christmas spirit. I also have officially begun listening to christmas music (I unofficially started in October) and cannot wait for my mom and cousins to arrive and spend the holiday with me.

Paris is supposed to be a beautiful place to spend the holidays and I am looking forward to going to the christmas market, looking at all the shop windows on the Champs and especially going to the Festival of Lights in Lyon. The girls and I are planning on taking a train for a day to the beautiful city for the Festival and from all the pictures I've seen I know it will be spectacular!

I'm certainly excited for the upcoming weeks! I hope all of you are as well. I know that Christmas is already in full swing in the states and I hope that you aren't all already sick of the stores' christmas music. While I may never get sick of it I understand that other people's love and tolerance for the same songs over and over again by different artists may be a little thin. Just remember, the best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

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