Friday, March 16, 2012


Since my sister, Kathryn, didn't exactly appreciate being called the "second sister," (in fact I believe here words were something along the lines of, "What?! I'm not the second sister! I'm the first! The best! The only!!) I decided that I had to tell all of you just how wonderful it was having her here. While I've loved having all of my family visit me, Kathryn certainly was interested in experiencing all the things that I love most about Paris, and those things are cheese and pastry. And even more than those being the things I love, those are also the things that I know most about, and so I felt confident in my abilities to share them with her and her husband. The three of us had a grand ol' time and I have tons of posts lined up to share with you, for which you can thank my glorious, incredible, gorgeous sister, Kathryn.

Kathryn handpicked this Renoir to represent how we 
two sisters felt after ten days of pastry, cheese, and bread. 

Aside from that, I also have a a handful of restaurants that I would like to try out before my departure because I decided to bite the bullet and shell out the euros to eat a decent meal. No meals are cheap in Paris, unless you're eating a crepe or a sandwich. So I'm keeping the finger's crossed (or holding thumbs as they say in South Africa) and hoping that I can get a reservation at some of the more popular and supposedly tasty spots.

You see, I sadly only have two weeks left here in Paris, which has resulted in somewhat of a psychotic break. Two weeks?! That's it? I've been having bizzarre dreams. Waking up from stomach pangs, shortness of breath, and other forms of panic attacks. I almost burst into tears at a moment's notice, and scanning my eyes across the beautiful Parisian architecture breaks my heart just a little bit more every day. I've started to like french waiter's efficient and cold demeanor. It's just started to feel like home and now I have to leave?

I'm filled with an interesting mix of feelings from impending doom to glee, panic to anger, and hunger to thirst. I'm having flashbacks from my internship, visions of a life without Elze, excited murmurs of my vacation with Grant, and minute flurries of fury that my time here is almost done. I'm like a deer in the headlights when it comes to moments like these. I don't seize the moment, I stand and wait for the car to hit me. But since that is not going to help me savor these last few bites of Paris, I am trying very hard to be inspired. Inspired to enjoy my time here with my friends. Inspired to eat as many pastries and decadent meals as I can, and inspired to relish these last two weeks of beautiful Paris springtime.


  1. Even though I REALLY want you to come home, I wouldn't blame you if you decided to stay. I mean, I want to move there just so I can try every cheese at Laurent Dubois. Make the most of these two weeks, sissa - it will be glorious!

  2. Me to, me to! Everyday we have the conversation about how much we all loved Paris and being there with you. Live it up to fullest. The time is now!

  3. love you and your posts. 2nd sister cracked me up. Nance and I are still talking about what a fabulous time we had and how we are inspired!

  4. Oh loraaaa!!! We will try to make everything wonderful so you really do look like that picture of the beautiful women with donut rolls... everywhere LOL.. yes paris does feel like home esp with you guys!!! love u!!