Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Oh, Valentine's day. The day when couples are pressured to preform and spend till their wallet is dry. The day when single people are pariahs meant to be pitied and shunned. What a glorious day!

As I'm sure you can tell by my blatant sarcasm, I don't exactly practice Valentine's day. I just don't particularly appreciate a day masquerading as a holiday so that it can divide people into those who are special and those who are alone. Yet, I feel that Valentine's day, like so many other things, could just be misunderstood. It is about love, after all, and who doesn't love love? So for my purposes I am going to start thinking of Valentine's day as a day when we think about all the people we love while gorging ourselves on pounds and pounds (or kilos and kilos) of chocolate! What's not to like about that?

Since I have returned to Paris that means that I don't get to share this holiday with my boyfriend because being a twelve hour plane ride a part makes it just a bit too difficult for me to shoulder. However, I am lucky enough to have not one, but two ladies here with me in my Parisian apartment and I am sure that we will enjoy ourselves even without our male counterparts.

First we have Elze, who you all know and love. Elze is fabulously single and has already expressed her overwhelming excitement for the newest episode of Gossip Girl that we will be viewing tonight. Second is Audrey, Elze's adorably french co-worker who is crashing with us until she finds her own place. You see, her horrible boyfriend broke her little heart only a few days ago and kicked her out of the apartment to boot! It is clear to me that not only is he evil, but also that his insides are so obviously blackened and shriveled that his mental capacity has been affected as well. Audrey is not one of those girls you toss out into the rain. She's the kind of girl that you take home to your mother and show off to your friends. She's the kind of girl that I see walking along Paris and damn because she's just so effortlessly beautiful and skinny. She's the kind of girl you want to hate but she's just so darn sweet and charming it's impossible.

So Elze and I have taken her under our wing. Apparently we have an open door policy for stragglers and orphans. It seems that we have had less time with just the two of us than we've had housing relatives, friends, and the homeless. But what better time to open your arms and welcome in a loved one than Valentine's day? And what better way to celebrate than three girls in their ugly pajamas, crammed on one bed, watching Gossip Girl episodes on a tiny computer screen, drinking tea, and eating dessert? Sounds like one of my better V-Days if you ask me.