Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Finally, a goat cheese! The entire top shelf of my little fromagerie consists solely of goat cheeses and I picked one of the larger creamier looking ones of the bunch. It looked like the normal type of goat cheese that we get in the states but I anticipated it would taste even better. I am in France, after all.

This was one of the goat cheese's that I bought but didn't remember it's name, so I tucked in quickly to my fromagerie and looked to see what it was called. The entire two blocks home I said to myself quietly, "Clos de josse. Clos de josse. Clos de josse..." to ensure that I wouldn't forget it again.

I, however, was unable to find a single thing on this cheese online. Perhaps it's just a big secret. Or perhaps it's just not extremely popular. And after tasting it I would have to go with the second option. It was, somewhat, disappointing.

The Clos de Josse came in a little round and was exceptionally white and soft. I spread it on some bread and bit into it, tasting a smidge of disappointment. It wasn't anything bad, but it was certainly nothing too exciting either. It had a faint goat cheese flavor to it and reminded me more of cottage cheese than anything else. It was exceptionally creamy and mild and while it may have been nice, it was lacking on personality. I would be afraid to eat it with anything else because it seemed like it would easily be overpowered. I did put it in one of my salads and while it added a creaminess to it and was nice with tomatoes, it also didn't add much flavor beyond that.

It was tasty and perhaps with some salt, pepper, and a tiny bit of honey, it could come out and shine. It would certainly be favorable to those who don't like their cheeses too pungent, but for people like me, it may be just too weak to be worth the money.

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